This is Keanu reeves and his response to all of those ‘Sad Keanu’ pictures. I got to say he is a pretty chilled and laid-backed guy. He is so awesome. His hair is not looking so great, he should shave that ferret off his head. 


Keanu Fun Fact #1

Keanu’s name ‘Keanu’ has the beautiful meaning of ‘Cool breeze over the mountain’. That’s pretty weird considering his name is only 5 letters long and means that. The Keanu is very unique and not a lot of people have that name, so he can easily be found over the internet.


Keanu Reeves new and upcoming movie ‘47 Ronin’ will be released around the world!

Yes! Keanu’s film will be released on the 8th of February 2013. This film is a remake of a 1941 film called ‘The 47 Ronin’. The film’s plot is about an outcast named Kai (played by Keanu Reeves) who joins a group of samurai that are seeking revenge after Lord Kira killed their master. The film is set in Japan and Keanu’s character was development for Keanu so that his profile would fit the film.

This film will surely break some box-office records, and hopefully Keanu’s performance in this film will be epic and phenomenal.

I can’t wait for this film!!

I thought that I would show you guy a trailer instead of writing a review about this film. This film is a remake of a 1951 classic ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. In this movie Keanu Reeves plays an alien named Klaatu. Fun fact, he was chosen for this part because of his in-human presence. I have not seen the original film but apparently it is way better than this remake. I dunno; this film is pretty good to me, but lovers of the classic hate it. I love it because Keanu is in it and he is superb.

Watch the trailer to see what the film is about.


This interview of Keanu Reeves is on the Graham Norton Show. This is an extremely funny part of the interview explaining a truly fantastic story. This video shows that he isn’t so sad all the time.


Keanu Reeves Dead

There has been a hoax that had went around saying that Keanu Reeves had died. This was around February of this year. The rumor is that Keanu had died from a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

I knew this to be fake straight away because Keanu Reeves can survive anything, he has survived multiple motorbike accidents that have made how he moves his neck today to be very unusual. Another reason I knew this was fake because Keanu is immortal, just as the theme suggests.

Could you imagine a world without Keanu? It would be pretty bad and boring. It is a good things that this was just a hoax. Keanu Reeves has now fallen victim to 3 internet memes and a death hoax. Just the usual for a famous actor.

Here is an article on the hoax of Keanu’s death: